About a week ago, we ordered three pounds of Porcini.  They had just come into early season.  Everything went as perfect as one could hope.  Fedex confirmed the desired delivery date and time, which was 10:30 AM.  At that time, plus or minus 5 minutes, the Fedex van pulled into our driveway.  This performance cannot be beat, I think.  The quality of the mushrooms was excellent too, with many in the small to middle range which we prefer.  We consumed the Porcini in four dishes, all ample.  We enjoyed their freshness and feel privileged that, thanks to your firm, this incomparable delight can be savored on the East Coast.

Mark Anne / Facebook

I wanted to let you know we absolutely love the product. We ordered morel’s from you a few times last year and twice so far this year. I did want to let you know that yesterday we received our order and the order itself was AMAZING

Dareco Matts


These arrived just as described. I would recommend to anyone thinking about ordering. Wasn’t sure if they would be in good shape after shipping but they looked and more importantly tasted great. Excellent service and highly appreciated.

Collins Mcklin / Facebook

This theme is amazing, you can customize EVERYTHING! The theme is a game changer for the Envato Market, can’t wait for the future with Flatsome. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Denis Bower
I received my order of morel mushrooms even before their appointed time.  The were fresh, clean and and quite large.  In fact there were four with fully developed mushrooms inside which I have never seen before.  I have eaten more than half of them and the rest have been prepared and frozen for joyous moments in the next few months.
Many thanks for your efforts to bring these delights to others, particularly me.
Karl Janny


this is belated but thank you for your service.  Matsutake was excellent as usual and you made over twenty Japanese families very happy😊 in Akron, Ohio.  You have been good to us for a decade by now.

Christina Toel
We received the mushrooms as scheduled.
Hope to buy them from you next year again.
Have a wonderful new year.
Asenso Javis

Got them and had morels and eggs for breakfast. Fantastic thank you. We are eating the rest tonight and whats the best way to clean them. We put them in glass containers with a paper towel bottom. Should we keep them refrigerated and air tight or let them breath for the afternoon?

Anita Marron

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The Hen of the Woods and White Beech went into an egg drop soup…and they were amazing…….the Trumpets…I cooked in butter and oil and then added eggs…..real good too…..great breakfast……..I am glad I found you guys…….very happy..I will order again soon

Vanita Carlos

The black truffle arrived in great condition. Dinner was simply yum. We made pappardelle with shaved truffle in warm olive oil, black pepper and Maldon salt flakes. Simple and wonderful.

Diego Joti

  I was desperate to eat morels and thought I would try a pound. I was amazed how fast they arrived and how clean they were.  But the most amazing thing is that I did a taste test with the only yellow morel I found this year and your product. Bite for bite, your mushrooms were just as delicious as the day old picked mushroom I found!!  I am telling all my friends and am buying more for me and a gift for my Mother.  Thanks again, we were all very satisfied!!

Charles Kinton
I received my fresh morels today.  Happy I didn’t cancel.  
They are great!  No critters in this order!  Seems the shrooms aren’t as big as last year… lots of super cute tiny babies that made me want to paint one in shellac and make a little rock garden like I did as a child.  That is not a complaint as I felt it was a nice batch overall… and I just gobbled up a plateful.
If I’m still craving I will call and order more.
Thanks and best,
Janny Rose / Facebook

I just ordered for the 2nd time the fresh Maitake mushrooms; which by the way are beautiful and absolutely delicious. They arrive by Next Day Air and come perfectly wrapped in special packaging that you can eitherfreeze them in, or keep them refrigerated in for up to 2 to 3 weeks. Ihave also been pleased with their very friendly and helpful customer service when I have called with questions. I am so happy to have foundthese people and can feel confident on the quality of their products and customer support.

Dean Calson

My order arrived sometime this afternoon, only two days after placing the order, in perfect condition with a wonderful fragrance.  The pieces were larger than I expected from prior purchases here in Los Angeles and there seems to be very little tiny pieces and/or dust.

Mario Santos

Thank you for my purchase. I received my overnight package to Florida yesterday. Even with 85′ weather and it sitting outside all day until I came home from work the berries were still frozen and perfect. Looking forward to making pies this weekend. 

Mchamman Sanny

I’m not one of your biggest customers, but we have been doing business for the past few years.  I have enjoyed our business relationship – reliable, accurate, friendly and always an excellent product. (Black Truffle Pate)


Sammy Sean

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