Trial Gives Cancer Patients 18 Months Of Robust Benefits After One Psilocybin Session

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Positive long-term follow-up data from Sunstone Therapies’ investigator-initiated Phase 2 study assessing COMPASS Pathways’ loose leaf wraps near me.

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 synthetic psilocybin COMP360 paired with psychological support in cancer patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is out.

57% of patients sustained remission of depression, and 64% a robust clinical response, at 18 months following administration of a single 25mg psilocybin dose paired with psychological support

The original Phase 2 trial was completed in 2021 (see results). Now, this 18-month follow-up data is believed to be the longest-term follow-up study of psilocybin therapy with cancer patients ever completed. 

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The study assessed a single, fixed dose (25mg) of COMP360 in 30 patients with curable and incurable cancer. Cohorts of 3 to 4 patients were administered the psychedelic in a one-on-one therapist/patient ratio.

Plus one prior group preparation session and two group integration sessions supplemented by individual therapy. Participants were evaluated at 8 weeks post-dose. loose leaf wraps near me.

28 out of the total 30 study cohort enrolled in the study assessing effects at 18 months.

Of those, 18 patients (64%) demonstrated sustained clinical response for the year and a half period, while 16 patients (57%) showed remission of depression. loose leaf wraps near me

Measured by the MADRS scale values, these results showed a single dose of psilocybin therapy together with psychological support majority induced either strong beneficial effects.

Or straight out remission from depression in patients with cancer and MDD. 

“This pioneering study is the first of its kind, conducted within a community hospital cancer center,” Sunstone’s CEO and the trial’s PI Dr. Manish Agrawal stated. loose leaf wraps near me.

“The results show significant improvement in these patients’ depression symptoms long-term.

And, if replicated in larger studies, could open the door to a wider and faster adoption of psilocybin therapy in the future.

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CMO Dr. Paul Thambi echoed that vision, adding that the long-term data reinforces the potential of the psilocybin therapeutic approach. loose leaf wraps near me

On behalf of COMPASS, CMO Dr. Guy Goodwin says the study is “extremely encouraging”

And “demonstrates the potential durability of COMP360 psilocybin therapy,” which the company is assessing in its Phase 3 program focusing on Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD.)

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Everything You Need to Know About Magic Mushrooms

Like the endless mycelial networks that thread through our planet’s ecosystems, magic mushrooms are now thoroughly entangled in 21st century culture. 

Shrooms—defined by their main psychedelic compound, psilocybin—are the new weed, and the act of taking consistent, sub-perceptible doses of them (microdosing) is now a common way to dip your toes in psychedelic waters.

Meanwhile, the benefits of embarking on a full-dose mushroom journey is fast becoming a hot topic among therapists, researchers.

And laymen alike, as anecdotal and scientific evidence increasingly suggest that psilocybin can do wonders for depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Indeed, as a journalist and the co-founder of psychedelic magazine DoubleBlind, I’ve been reporting on psilocybin for over half a decade, and experimented with my own first hand experiences for even longer.

I’ve interviewed scientists, researchers, therapists, policy wonks, attorneys, and shamans about the history of magic mushrooms, how to use them safely, and what the potential benefits and risks are. 

So, as we step further into a future in which psilocybin gummies will most probably become a normal fixture on the shelves of health food stores. loose leaf wraps near me

We decided to create a definitive guide to what magic mushrooms are, how they affect us and the best way to prepare for a mystical psychedelic experience.  loose leaf wraps near me.

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