Nonprofit Helps Patients Access Ketamine Therapy Treatments

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MY Self Wellness Ketamine Clinic’s Nonprofit Organization, Warriors of Consciousness 

Helps Those Who Cannot Afford Psychedelic Ketamine Therapy Treatments 

The organization has helped over 57 individuals to date

Bonita Springs, FL – May 18, 2023 – MY Self Wellness, a cutting-edge ketamine clinic and pioneer in the psychedelics space. buy mushroom

Is proud to share that its nonprofit organization Warriors of Consciousness, has helped over 57 individuals to date.

With the mission to help those who cannot afford psychedelic ketamine therapy treatments.

Warriors of Consciousness aims to assist those struggling with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and other mental health conditions. 

MY Self Wellness President and Founder Christina Thomas and Chief Brand Officer Charles Patti founded Warriors of Consciousness.

Knowing the strong transformations their clients have experienced as a result of psychedelic ketamine therapy.

Because the therapy is not covered by insurance, Thomas and Patti understand the importance of experiencing these transformations without financial restrictions. buy mushrooms

They strongly believe everyone who needs access to these treatments should be able to find hope and healing and not be held back by financial constraints. 

“Warriors of Consciousness is our solution to a problem that affects so many people: they need help but aren’t in a financial situation to experience ketamine treatments. buy mushroom

which can offer effects including transcending their traumas and letting go of obstacles caused by physical, psychological and spiritual blockages,” said Thomas.

“We saw a need for help, and we took action.”

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“Having spent many years not receiving the right treatment to cultivate healing, I know first-hand how powerful and therapeutic ketamine can be,

And how this medication can help people create a joyful, purposeful life,” said Patti. “Christina and I pride ourselves in creating Warriors of Consciousness.”

Donations to Warriors of Consciousness can be made via a credit card, debit card or crypto payment at

In addition, 100% of the proceeds from Warriors of Consciousness merchandise will go toward the charity.

Items include hats, hoodies, unisex t-shirts, minimalist backpack, tote bag, slides, women’s cropped windbreakers, women’s lace-up and canvas shoes, mugs, and more. 

Donations go toward treatment at any approved ketamine clinics throughout the U.S. 

MY Self Wellness encompasses a multidisciplinary group of psychiatrists, registered nurses, infusion specialists, andintegration specialists.

Ketamine is administered in a number of ways, including intravenous infusion (IV), intramuscular injection (IM), intranasally, orally and sublingually (as a dissolving troche or lozenge).

Each route varies per individual in the onset of action (time), bioavailability (absorption) and clearing time.

Although a response is generally predictable based on past administration, it is possible that a patient may experience different physiological, psychological and emotional effects with the same dose.

Treatments begin at $550 per session; most effective regimens include a total of six sessions.

The clinic provides compassionate care and features private treatment rooms, an integration lounge, reclining chairs, Bluetooth headphones, blankets and sleep masks. 

In addition to MY Self Wellness and Warriors of Consciousness, Thomas and Patti are the hosts for Psychedelic Radio.

A podcast where they interview a variety of industry thought leaders, including a recent conversation with Dr. Rick Strassman, known as the father of the American psychedelic research renaissance.

For more information about MY Self Wellness or to book a treatment, please visit

About MY Self Wellness: 

MY Self Wellness approaches mental health in a holistic manner, working to address the root issue through psychedelic ketamine therapy.

Hope and a joy-filled life can be found again for those suffering from depression, anxiety, drug addiction, PTSD and more. buy mushrooms

The clinic is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of psychiatrists, registered nurses, infusion specialists, and integration specialists who help guide each individual on their journey of healing. buy mushroom.

In addition to ketamine therapy, MY Self Wellness offers IV Vitamin Infusions, Peptide Therapy, Integrative Nutrition Services and Counseling and more. buy mushroom.

MY Self Wellness is located at 3541 Bonita Bay Blvd., #200 Bonita Springs, FL 34134. For more information, please visit or call 239-908-9958.

Follow along on Instagram at, Facebook at and at YouTube at

About Warriors of Consciousness

Warriors of Consciousness is a nonprofit organization with the mission of transforming people’s lives that are struggling with anxiety, buy mushroom.

PTSD, depression and more, who cannot afford psychedelic ketamine therapy treatments. It was founded in 2022 by MY Self Wellness President and Founder Christina Thomas and Chief Education Officer and Chief Brand Officer Charles Patti. 

Warriors of Consciousness is a Florida nonprofit corporation operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players Philanthropy Fund, a 501(c)(3) Maryland charitable trust. buy mushroom

For more information, visit buy mushroom

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